Cosmetic Surgery – Advantages and Disadvantages

15 Mar 2020

Cosmetic surgery includes a vast range of procedures, and much like everything else, each procedure has both its advantages and disadvantages. Most people before committing to big decision like cosmetic surgery like to consider all of the positives and the negatives before moving forward. One of the biggest advantages is that large amounts of body fat can disappear within just a couple of hours, which can result in increased confidence, happiness and lifestyle changes. Another popular procedure is a facelift, the biggest advantage of this procedure is that it can allow a person to look 10 to 20 years younger again. Making them feel increasingly confident in their own skin. Read on to delve deeper into more advantages and disadvantages.

Cosmetic surgery advantages and disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage to come to people’s minds when considering cosmetic surgery is the cost. It can be expensive! However, if cosmetic surgery seems very cheap then it is unfortunately usually too good to be true. No expense should ever be spared when it comes to your body. There is also other ways to afford cosmetic surgery procedures, for example: some clinics may offer low monthly payment agreements with patients, some cosmetic surgery schools offer discounts as well as some finance companies offer payment options which cover procedures.

When it comes to risks and cosmetic surgery, they are generally very very low. However, when things do go wrong it can be down to the chosen surgeon. In the worst case you may be risking your life, but at the very least you would end up worse than before you went for the treatment. For example, a bad doctor may not use sterile equipment which can result in irregularities, asymmetries, puckers, divots, and dimples.  Anaesthesia used in cosmetic surgery can also cause problems including blood clots, temporary paralysis, abnormal heart rhythm and more. To avoid having these problems you should always ensure you choose a doctor who is fully qualified and certified.


Recovery Time
You should always consider the recovery time when getting a procedure. You have just made a massive change so of course your body will need time to adjust and heal. This means you will have to take time off work and extra time may be needed if your job is physically straining. For most procedures the recovery time will be around 1 or 2 weeks, however, more complex procedures will require more time, for example, a body lift may require between 3 to 4 weeks of recovery. Your doctor will advise you on the recommended recovery time for your procedure.

In order to receive the treatment you must meet certain criteria. If you suffer from health conditions such as lung disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, malnourishment and severe depression obesity then you will not be able to receive any cosmetic treatment. If you are a fairly healthy person then cosmetic surgery can be an advantage. If you are a smoker then you will need to quit smoking for two weeks before the surgery and also for two weeks after the surgery. This can provide smokers with an incentive to quit smoking for life.

Cosmetic procedures are very safe and the majority of people who get treatment are happy with the results and suffer few side effects if any. A disadvantage is that 4% of cosmetic surgery procedures have some type of complication after the treatment. The majority of problems associated with cosmetic surgery arise when the treatment is carried out in Mexico and other countries where the procedures are generally cheap.

This article has been put together for people considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to consider all of the facts before you commit. The advantages and disadvantages need to be considered before you receive any treatment.


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