The Rise of 'Blowtox'

18 Dec 2019

Our eye was caught by an interesting article in Glamour magazine this week by journalist Sophie Thompson on the rise of 'blotox' an innovative non-surgical treatment to make your blow-dry last longer!

Five things to consider

We know that anti-wrinkle treatment is FDA approved for application in the reverse of anti-ageing of specific areas of the face, crows feet etc... it also has many other ingenious uses. The most recent reported one if the rise of the 'blotox.  This treatment is the injection of anti-wrinkle treatment into the scalp to prolong your hairs blow dry.  Anti-wrinkle treatment can be used to combat hyperhidrosis, which is the blocking of the sweat glands in your armpits to help curb excessive sweating. The same principle is applied but instead of being injected into your armpits, it is injected into the sweat glands on your scalp. 

This trend seems to have stemmed from women having the battle between working out and keeping that freshly blowdried look in their hair for the week. If you have paid upwards of £40 for a salon blowdry yet you want to work out a couple of times a week this could be money down the drain. 'Bloxtox' eliminates this debate and supposedly allows you to work up a sweat and keep your freshly blow-dried locks intact! 

Not available in Elanic we would still be keen to hear what your thoughts are on this new non-surgical treatment. 

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