Things To Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

05 Feb 2020

The decision to get cosmetic surgery is one which should not be taken lightly, at Elanic we provide an informative and supportive environment to help our patients make the best possible decisions for themselves and no one else. 

Things To Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

While researching this week we came across this article in Fabulous "Six Questions to Ask Before Plastic Surgery" we thought it was so informative we had to recap it here on the Elanic website. The more informed you are on the procedure you are having and the better prepared you are the better experience you will have. 

1) Am I Doing This to Look Like Someone Else?

You may have read the stories which have been in the press regarding the rise in Cosmetic Surgeons being met with Snapchat Filters and patient's desire to recreate this in real life. Social media plays a huge part in our day to day lives and it seems like some may be having difficulty separating the online realm from the real one. Of course, no reputable Cosmetic Surgeon would agree to replicate a snap chat filter or indeed an image of someone else. This type of Snapchat dysmorphia, of course, produces unrealistic expectations and ultimately unhappiness in their results. Cosmetic Surgery should be used to enhance your features, your body or face, no one else. 

2) Am I Expecting Something Else to Change 

This one we felt was particularly pertinent; a cosmetic surgery procedure is not a bandage on or a replacement for another element of your life. You cannot use cosmetic surgery as a substitute for your own internal happiness. Just because you invest in a cosmetic treatment it does not mean that you will, finally get that promotion at work or heal that rift in your relationship. You should invest in a cosmetic procedure if there is a part of your appearance that you are not happy with, that affects your life or that you wish to enhance.  Overall you should invest in cosmetic surgery for you and you only.

3) Am I Physically & Psychologically Fit Enough?

This is extremely important when considering cosmetic surgery and of course, is what our patient coordinators and surgeons cover in great detail during the consultation process. At Elanic we also make sure that we have psychological expertise on hand to support our patients throughout their journey with us. Timing is important, if you have just experienced a loss or have been through a particularly stressful period in your life it is perhaps not the best time to be considering cosmetic surgery.

Likewise, your health is of paramount importance to us, just because it is an elective surgical procedure does not make it any less important. Consider your current health at the moment are there any conditions you should flag to your surgeon? Lastly, if you smoke it is a good idea to cease this in the run-up to your procedure as it can hinder the healing process and ultimately affect your result.

4) Check Your Surgeons Credentials

All of our surgeons are UK based Consultant Plastic Surgeons registered with BAAPS or BAPRAS, your surgeon's CV is available on request, before and afters and testimonials are all in place to help you make your decision. The Elanic clinic is HIS registered and upheld to the standards of any NHS clinic and operating theatre. All of our nurses are registered, experienced aestheticians and are all nurse prescribers with many years experience in injectables and cosmetic surgery care. 

5) What's The End Point?

Many experts including Tijon Esho recommend patients have an endpoint to their cosmetic treatment in mind. We all know the rush and euphoria when we have a treatment and see the results are just what we wanted but we then cannot be chasing that feeling to the detriment of our appearance and overall wellbeing.  The surgeons at Elanic will work with their patients at the consultation and help them reach this endpoint with clear recommendations of treatments that could complement each other and give you the desired outcome. Ultimately at Elanic our patient's wellbeing and happiness are at the forefronts of our minds and we will work in partnership with you to achieve this. 

6) Have I Prepared For Recovery? 

At your consultation, your surgeon and a patient coordinator will fully prepare you on what to expect after your surgery and you will be well taken care of in terms of pain management and aftercare. Before surgery you have to consider things such as; can you take adequate time off work? If you have children do you have someone to help you with child care? Do you have someone to come and pick you up after surgery and stay with you? Do you need to make any adjustments to your living situation to make it easier for you to sleep or move around after surgery? All of these are key considerations and things you should be organising prior to booking your surgery. 

If you have any questions at all on Elanic, the treatments we offer, our staff or the clinic please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 

Remember, do it for you!

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